Avoiding Bottlenecks When Validating Your Laboratory Instrument and Information Systems

There is much more to validating your laboratory instrument and information systems than just running the vendor supplied Installation/Configuration Testing (IQ) and Functional Testing (OQ) packages.

In order to avoid costly bottlenecks in your validation project, it is critical that you perform an informed risk based assessment, undertake adequate validation planning, develop your deliverables (URS, FRS, Config Spec), and establish your validation process methodology. Also, your bottlenecks can easily become more constrained if you are unable to secure the right resources to perform them and the associated testing activities.

Avoiding Bottlenecks When ValidatingKey Takeaways:

  • Discover industry best practices for the streamlining of your lab systems validation projects
  • Learn the most common sources of bottlenecks and how to reduce or avoid them completely
  • Find out how an informed risk based validation approach can help improve the quality of your validation effort while reducing your validation project timeline and costs
  • Explore how Validation Instrument and Information Systems Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), will remove bottlenecks and speed up your validation project