Don’t risk the success of your LabVantage System implementation by not having the right resources. Maximize the value of your LIMS & ELN investment with CSols LabVantage LIMS implementation services.

Make your project a success with the tailored implementation services for your LabVantage LIMS or ELN project from CSols consultants.

    Our help will:

  • ensure the vendor learns all the important things about your lab and your system needs during the LabVantage utilization workshops
  • ensure the system is configured to your needs without customization by reviewing and commenting on your LabVantage functional requirements specification (FRS)
  • ensure alignment of internal, vendor, and contractor resources and timelines by assessing your project plans
  • limit scope creep and keep costs down by supporting the configuration change control process
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Below are the services CSols can provide for your project.

Implementation Documents and Services

CSols recognizes that each lab has different needs for their LabVantage implementation project. Whether you need a comprehensive LIMS or ELN implementation or any combination of standard and custom services, documents, and plans, our LabVantage consultants can meet your exact needs.

Project Management and Leadership

Risk Analysis

Issue Tracking and Resolution

LIMS Customization

Data Migration from Legacy LIMS

End-user Training

System and Interface Design

Unit Test Execution

Hyper-Care Support

Master Data Management

Requirements Definition


Project Plan

Resource Plan

Governance Plan

Change Management Plan

User and Functional Requirement Specifications

Design Documentation

Unit Test Scripts

Integration Test Scripts

Master Data Matrix

Master Service Agreements



System Configuration

Worry less about customization and validation, and mitigate future upgrade risks. CSols experts can leverage LabVantage’s extensive array of configuration tools to bring value to your lab, now and in the future.

  • LabVantage Web Page Designer
  • LabVantage Dashboards
  • LabVantage Reporting: iReport Designer (Jasper Reports)
  • LabVantage Analytics - built-in visual charting (JFreeChart)
  • LabVantage Ad hoc Query Tool - built-in data mining
  • LabVantage Advanced Reporting (Business Objects)
  • LabVantage Advanced Analytics - NWA and SPC charting
  • LabVantage Laboratory Intelligence - BI LIMSView (QlikView)


Instrument Integration

Your lab work can be faster and easier with LabVantage-instrument integration. CSols can support all facets of instrument integration, from a basic balance interface to a seamless interface with complex chromatography applications by developing custom code or using the instrument integration systems supported by LabVantage.

  • LabVantage Connect
  • LabVantage RESTful API
  • LabVantage Web Services API
  • LabVantage File Importer


Our goal is to be your partner, not just a services provider.


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