What It's About

This white paper is a checklist of items that need to be considered after the LIMS is selected, but before anyone steps on site. It’s broken down into two sections to evaluate the planning aspects at a macro and micro level. 


Who it’s for

A project owner or project manager will get the most value from this readiness checklist. CSols has prepared it to steer them through the LIMS implementation so that at the end, your LIMS Admins will be happy, your end users will want to use the system, and your stakeholders will see the value. 

Who is this white paper for

How to use it

Make sure each section has been checked off before allowing the project to begin. It will guide you down a path that avoids scope creep, budget issues, incomplete requirements, rework, insufficient resources, and project delays. There’s a lot to be done to ensure your organization is as ready as possible before the implementation begins.

How to use this white paper