Instrument Integration

It is not unusual that not all of your laboratory instruments were interfaced to SampleManager LIMS™ during the initial implementation of your system.  Additionally, over time additional analytical techniques and the associated instruments may have been added to your laboratory but were not interfaced to SampleManager.  When you are reassessing your SampleManager LIMS™ to ensure you are getting the most out of your system is the perfect time to remedy this.  Additionally, if you are running on a version of SampleManager that supports Integration Manager it is also good to determine at this point if any of your current interfaces built using the older, less functional systems such as LIMSLink, Yukon, or Instrument Manager should be converted. 

CSols has interfaced virtually every type/brand of instrument and instrument system to LIMS.  We are also experts in the Integration Manager and Instrument Manager systems as well as a Thermo SampleManager LIMS™ Services Partner so we have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to tackle your most demanding instrument interfacing challenges.

Systems Integration Services

Improving the efficiency, productivity and quality of your laboratory operation should be critical goals of your SampleManager LIMS™ implementation.  One of the best ways to accomplish these goals is to integrate your SampleManager LIMS™ with other laboratory, business, or manufacturing systems.  However, integrating data from multiple disparate systems can be both complex and problematic but CSols’ unparalleled experience with integrating laboratory data systems with other information systems makes integrating your SampleManager LIMS™ system easy.  We will work with you to develop your requirements and then we will develop and deliver your design and configuration documents, the system integration code, the unit test scripts, and the integration test scripts. 

Why CSols:

  • CSols, Inc. is the Leading Informatics Services Provider in North America and a Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS™ Services Partner. 
  • Our SampleManager LIMS™ team members have on average 15 years of SampleManager experience. 
  • Our consultants come from supporting laboratory environments just like yours, so they understand your challenges and needs. 
  • Our team is unique in that they “speak” LIMS, IT, and Lab and have honed their best practices derived skills though broad exposure to numerable SampleManager LIMS™ Implementations.
  • CSols has the product expertise, industry knowledge, and broad experience to ensure that you will get the most out of your SampleManager LIMS™.


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