If you have had your SampleManager LIMS™ up and running for some time, it is an industry best practice to regularly reassess your informatics needs. A laboratory’s operational needs rarely remain static, rather they continually evolve.

Some examples of enhancements and extensions that CSols has developed and delivered include:

  • Systems Integration to new or upgraded laboratory or business systems
  • Instrument Interfaces (Instrument Manager, Integration Manager)
  • Workflow additions or changes to match current or changed process flows
  • Creating new reports (Report Templates, InfoMaker, Crystal Reports)
  • Capturing and linking files/documents to LIMS results
  • Mobile Device Support (Smartphones, Tablets, Handheld Instruments)
  • Implement previously unused modules
  • Other Improvements (barcoding, email notifications, dashboards, etc.)

Why CSols:

  • CSols Inc. is the Leading Informatics Services Provider in North America and a Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS Services Partner.
  • Our SampleManager LIMS team members have on average 15 years of SampleManager experience.
  • Our consultants come from supporting laboratory environments just like yours, so they understand your challenges and needs.
  • Our team is unique in that they “speak” LIMS, IT, and Lab and have honed their best practices derived skills through broad exposure to numerable SampleManager LIMS Implementations.

Configuration and Customization Services

As your laboratory needs change or evolve, it is common to elect to implement features and capabilities within SampleManager LIMS that may have not been used previously, were not available in an older version if you have upgraded, are now available as standard to replace custom code, or to support new laboratory processes, workflows, analyses, reporting requirements, etc.  CSols offers complete Configuration (tailoring SampleManager without programming) and Customization (modifying SampleManager through programming in VGL and C#) Services.  We will leverage our experience, knowledge, and expertise to ensure that any new configuration and customization of your SampleManager LIMS will be accomplished in the most efficient, scalable, and supportable way to satisfy both your current and future needs.

Systems Integration Services

Improving the efficiency, productivity, and quality of your laboratory operation should be critical goals of your SampleManager LIMS implementation.  One of the best ways to accomplish these goals is to integrate your SampleManager LIMS with other laboratory, business, or manufacturing systems.  However, integrating data from multiple disparate systems can be both complex and problematic but CSols’ unparalleled experience with integrating laboratory data systems with other information systems makes integrating your SampleManager LIMS system easy.  We will work with you to develop your requirements and then we will develop and deliver your design and configuration documents, the system integration code, the unit test scripts, and the integration test scripts.

Instrument Integration

It is not unusual that not all of your laboratory instruments were interfaced with SampleManager LIMS during the initial implementation of your system.  Additionally, over time additional analytical techniques and the associated instruments may have been added to your laboratory but were not interfaced to SampleManager.  When you are reassessing your SampleManager LIMS to ensure you are getting the most out of your system is the perfect time to remedy this.  Additionally, if you are running on a version of SampleManager that supports Integration Manager it is also good to determine at this point if any of your current interfaces built using the older, less functional systems such as LIMSLink, Yukon, or Instrument Manager should be converted.

CSols has interfaced virtually every type/brand of instrument and instrument system to LIMS.  We are also experts in the Integration Manager and Instrument Manager systems as well as a Thermo SampleManager LIMS Services Partner so we have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to tackle your most demanding instrument interfacing challenges.


When you initially implemented your SampleManager LIMS you likely received standardized training which typically focuses on the functionality and features of the base SampleManager LIMS (i.e. out of the box).  In order to extract the maximum value from your investment, it is critical that your team be trained in how best to employ the countless features and functionality in your SampleManager LIMS implementation and environment.  Additionally, all the new features, functions, interfaces, reports, etc. that you will be implementing to get the most out of your SampleManager LIMS will require that your users receive proper training to fully utilize the new, improved system.

CSols’s informatics training experts have a long, successful track record in the preparation of customized, role-based (technician, researcher, supervisor, system administrator) training materials and classes. Our training materials and classes can be oriented toward delivery in a classroom setting, as computer-based training modules, or for “train the trainer” consumption. Our expertise in informatics systems coupled with our industry, domain, and laboratory knowledge ensures that your training materials and classes will be designed, developed, and delivered to optimize your informatics systems adoption rate and user satisfaction levels.


If your SampleManager LIMS is being operated within a regulated environment, any changes, enhancements or extensions of your system will need to be validated before going into production.  CSols’s SampleManager LIMS validation team is comprised of highly skilled scientists, information technologists, and regulatory experts who specialize in the validation of SampleManager.  Our multi-disciplinary validation consulting team speaks the languages of your business, your laboratory, and SampleManager so your validation will be both clean and efficient while minimizing the need for any laboratory resources to assist in the process.

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