CSols’ Upgrade Analysis Services Package is designed to provide you with comprehensive information as to the value, benefits, effort, and risks of upgrading your SampleManager LIMS to the latest version.  Our best practices developed process will additionally highlight opportunities for improving your SampleManager LIMS implementation to assist you in improving your productivity, quality, and user satisfaction.  The end result will be that you will have everything you need to make an informed decision as to whether or not you should upgrade your SampleManager LIMS system as well as all the documentation necessary to assist you in achieving project acceptance from management.


  1. Laboratory Workflow Review
  2. SampleManager LIMS Assessment
    • Database Assessment (Configuration, Custom, Connectivity, etc.)
    • Hardware Assessment (Servers, Workstations, Printers, etc.)
    • Technical Assessment (DB Structure, Code (VGL, C#), Explorer Folders, Reports, etc.)
    • Other Review (Messages, Syntaxes, Calculations, Menus, Roles, Tool Bars, etc.)
    • Interfaces Assessment (Instruments, Other Systems)
    • New Function Value Assessment
  3. Upgrade Risk Assessment
  4. Upgrade Strategy Development
  5. Upgrade Roadmap Development
  6. Upgrade Effort Estimation


Upgrade Assessment Document

The Upgrade Assessment Document will clearly document the findings from the Laboratory Workflow Review, SampleManager LIMS Assessment, and the Upgrade Risk Assessment.  The opportunities, value, benefits, and risks for all proposed upgrade driven changes and improvements will be documented.  Additionally, this document will provide a proposed upgrade strategy and the essential tasks required to complete your upgrade.

Upgrade Road Map

The Upgrade Road Map is your guide to upgrading your SampleManager LIMS.  This essential tool will detail the sequence and timing of tasks that will need to be under-taken to successfully upgrade and improve your SampleManager LIMS implementation.  The categories of tasks on the Road Map include; Project Management, Technical, Training, and Testing.  Additionally, this document will provide upgrade team composition recommendations and team member time commitment estimates to assist you in properly resourcing your upgrade.

Upgrade Effort Estimate

The Upgrade Effort Estimate will clearly delineate the effort (time) that will be needed to perform all the tasks to accomplish your SampleManager LIMS upgrade.  Tasks will additionally be categorized with respect to the recommended team role best suited to accomplish the task.

Effort & Cost

The SampleManager LIMS Upgrade Analysis Services Package includes five (5) days of consulting services which includes one (1) day of on-site services.  The cost of this package is $6000* (not including travel and living expenses which shall be charged at cost). If you decide to go forward with upgrading and improving your SampleManager LIMS implementation and contract with CSols, Inc. to perform your upgrade, then the Full Fee will be credited toward the cost of your CSols delivered Upgrade Services.



  • One location
  • One SampleManager LIMS instance
  • Upgrade to start within three (3) months of delivery of the Analysis Services
  • Reasonable and timely access to personnel, as needed

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