You're Paperless, Now What?
How to get the most value from your R&D ELN Implementation

Evolving technology has made the dream of a paperless laboratory attainable, although the debate about going completely paperless still rages. In the push to go paperless, many laboratories overlooked how business process optimization can improve the ELN experience and help create a truly paperless laboratory. Often, the true value of an ELN is intangible, even though many successful ELN implementations cite tangible benefits such as increased search capabilities, increased efficiency and productivity, and greater collaboration.  To truly get the maximum value out of your ELN, scientists, technicians, and data consumers need to not only use the system but use it to its full potential.

In one hour, this webinar will detail some of the steps needed to maximize ELN adoption to get the most value out of your ELN.  

You're Paperless, Now What?Key Takeaways:

  • The value of defining meta data for your ELN
  • The importance of collaboration and communication to a successful ELN implementation
  • The role mapping workflows and template creation can play in encouraging collaboration
  • How to get additional value out of your ELN
  • How stakeholder input can increase end-user adoption and return on investment