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Exploring Interface Extensions in LabWare Using ELN

Wednesday, July 27th at 2:00 p.m. EDT

Are you looking for a simplified Excel-style interface to enter data in LabWare LIMS™? How about switching to an easy-to-use front end in LabWare that replaces a multitude of user interfaces? Or maybe adding more functionality to your current LabWare ELN™ interface?

If so, join us to learn how the modest LabWare ELN interface is the solution to it all. See how your data entry can be performed easier and faster by extending functionality to other components of the system. Implementation strategies will also be shared for changing workflow layouts and upgrading existing ELN usage. It’s time to simplify and cut down on the interfacing that is required for using the LabWare system.


Key Take-aways

  • Benefits of extending interfaces
  • Techniques for extension
  • ELN use and configuration
  • Example of an alternative interface


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