Adding Significant Enhancements While Maintaining Your Current STARLIMS Implementation

So you’ve completed your STARLIMS implementation and successfully gone live.  As is usual, during the course of your implementation project, your lab organization has developed or recognized new needs.  Maybe an external system still holds part of your historical data set or you have reports that are still being generated outside STARLIMS.  Or maybe you want to retire an outdated laboratory informatics application currently being used in the lab, but that will require customizing STARLIMS to perform its functions.  Not to worry.  Being able to tailor and customize your LIMS in a supportable manner was one of the reasons that you chose STARLIMS in the first place.

In one hour, learn design, development, and project management techniques that can ease the pain and uncertainty of any size STARLIMS customization project.  Join our STARLIMS experts as they discuss how to prepare for, implement and maintain a customized STARLIMS as well as how to assess alternative methods to achieve your goals.


Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to take the first step of your STARLIMS customization project
  • 3 different Customization Techniques to satisfy the same requirement
  • Unlock the mystery of blue code
  • Discover how you can build custom logic in your favorite language
  • 3 Critical Factors for a successful STARLIMS customization project