Connecting Lab Instruments to SampleManager LIMS™

Improve your laboratory’s productivity and efficiency by connecting your laboratory’s instruments to SampleManager LIMS™.  Automating the interfaces to your instruments streamlines your results entry process, resulting in faster turnaround times and a reduction in costly manual data entry errors.  SampleManager has powerful tools that can be quickly configured to implement instrument interfaces; making use of them will save your laboratory valuable time and money.

In one hour, learn how to successfully interface laboratory instruments to SampleManager LIMS. Join our SampleManager expert as they explore the options to quickly get your laboratory’s results flowing directly from your instruments to your LIMS.  Start saving time and money tomorrow using Integration Manager and/or the built-in SampleManager LES results capture options.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the tools available for integrating instruments to SampleManager LIMS
  • Learn ways to overcome instrument integration obstacles
  • 5 critical success factors for instrument integration projects
  • How instrument integration can improve your ROI
  • Best Practices for configuring instrument interfacing in the lab – Locally, Regionally and Globally