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CSols and LabVantage:
Defining the Value of Integrating Instruments

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The value of integrating your instrumentation to your LabVantage LIMS system is increased productivity, improved quality, and increased user satisfaction.  These values can be realized quickly by identifying and selecting high volume, high priority test and instrument combinations in your laboratory.  Implementing these “high return” instrument interfaces will not only increase productivity but will also improve data quality through the elimination of human transcription errors.

In one hour, learn how to realize the benefits of instrument integration with your LabVantage LIMS. Join our group of experts as we discuss LIMS instrument integration approaches and techniques. Understand how you can start on the path to improved quality and productivity in your laboratory now!

Key Takeaways:

  • See how LabVantage instrument integration can simplify tedious tasks, improve productivity, and increase user satisfaction
  • Discover how CSols and LabVantage together can meet all your instrument integration needs
  • Understand the return on investment via documented analysis of productivity gains and quality improvements derived from instrument integration
  • Understand how instrument integration plays a significant role in data quality and integrity
  • Review Critical Success Factors for your labs instrument integration project


  *Please Note: on slides 28 and 29, LabVantage is no longer promoting LabVantage Connect, but rather LIMS CI for the interfacing of complex instruments. They are also not providing instruments drivers at no charge. LIMS CI is an optional module that allows for the integration of complex lab tools and offers strong read/write/send/receive and data transformation capabilities.