Delivering a Successful
Laboratory Informatics Project

Your organization has actively embraced laboratory informatics tools to help facilitate increasing your lab’s efficiency and effectiveness, information availability across the enterprise, and collaboration amongst your scientists and partners.  While the laboratory informatics solutions you currently have implemented have enabled you to make great strides, you know that in order to get more benefits and information from them, you need to implement a Fully Integrated Informatics Solution.  You are aware there are two camps on how to go about doing this: the Single Platform/Vendor or the “Best of Breed” approach.  But how do you know what’s the right approach for your organization or even what the factors are that you should be considering when trying to decide between the two?

An Informatics project is a multi-step process that requires a collaborative effort from many departments and people.  Proper preparation will have a major impact on project success.  

In this one hour webinar, we will identify the key elements necessary for successful informatics implementations.  We will discuss strategies for:

  • Streamlining existing processes
  • Putting together a sound implementation plan
  • Selecting a high-performance project team
  • Engaging the user community
  • Fostering executive and business support

Also learn the benefits of using third party service providers and how they can help eliminate common project roadblocks.  Finally, we will discuss the role of the vendor and what the expectations of the vendor support should be.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn common pitfalls of system implementation projects
  • Discuss guidelines and best practices for a successful project

Webinar Recording: "Delivering a Successful Laboratory Informatics Project"


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