Getting to Phase 2 of your LIMS Implementation

Most LIMS are implemented today using some form of a Phased Implementation Approach.  This enables lab organizations to prioritize their needs and then implement the LIMS solution in phases in a stepwise, controlled manner.  By judiciously selecting the capabilities and functions to be automated in each phase, your LIMS project will be able to show real results quickly.  However, it is very common that the initial implementation phase gets completed but Phase 2 never gets kicked off.  Why is that?  What are the consequences?  How do I get my lab organization to move on to Phase 2?

In this one hour webinar, we will examine strategies for ensuring that Phase 2 of your LIMS project gets implemented especially if your project has stalled at Phase 1.  We will also explore how properly balancing the needs and requirements addressed in your LIMS implementation phases can maximize stakeholder satisfaction and therefore drive full adoption.

Key Takeaways:

  • july2017.pngWhy lab organizations never get to Phase 2 of their LIMS project
  • What are the consequences of never getting to Phase 2 of your LIMS project
  • How balancing your LIMS implementation phases can benefit your overall LIMS project
  • What strategies are most effective in driving your Phased LIMS project to completion
  • How informatics strategy and planning assists in developing a complete LIMS cost view