Heads for LIMS, Tails for ELN

Today, many companies look to leverage informatics solutions to increase laboratory throughput, bolster compliance, and enhance business operations. Fortunately, there are a variety of potential LIMS & ELN solutions to help meet your objectives.  But making the right decision may become a challenge due to the plethora of solutions and their overlapping functionalities.  In this one hour webinar, understand why making the right choice is the most critical factor controlling the success of your project.  Take home a proven approach for system selection.

Don’t leave the outcome of your informatics project to chance. Dramatically improve your odds of success by selecting the ELN/LIMS solution that is right for your lab and your organization. Spend an hour learning how to use a proven process to make your decision.

Heads for LIMS, Tails for ELNKey Takeaways:

  • Understand the functional differences between a LIMS and ELN
  • See how the differences between LIMS/ELN are blurring
  • Consider, based on your situation, is either solution a sure bet?
  • Discuss important parameters for process redesign
  • Review the key principles of a successful system selection