Implementation & Deployment of ELN in R&D Environments: Key Factors for Success

Now that you have selected your ELN software solution, it is time to implement and deploy. What are the initial steps you should take on your implementation journey?  Is paper on glass sufficient for your needs?  What are the benefits of using the more advanced features of an ELN? How do you effectively deploy to different areas of research?  What expertise is required from your organization in order to ensure that the implementation is successful?

In this one hour complimentary webinar, a CSols ELN expert will address those questions and more. They will draw on their real world experience to describe the most effective ways to implement your ELN and deploy across multiple areas of your R&D operations.

Implementation and Deployment of ELN in R&D Environments: Key factors for SuccessKey Takeaways:

  • The importance of documenting and optimizing your workflow
  • The skills and expertise required in your project team
  • When and how to involve the users
  • What are the next steps after paper on glass implementation
  • The type of ELN SOPs
  • Why role-based training is critical