Lab Informatics & FSMA Compliance

With the passing of the Food Safety Modernization Act in January 2011, the FDA has significantly heightened the requirements for all companies who produce, manufacture, process, pack, transport, or hold food. FSMA shifts the focus of regulation towards the prevention of safety issues and contamination of food rather than the previous responsive approach. Traceability of samples is key in the prevention of food contamination, and the FDA now requires an answer to traceability issues within 24 hours after a complaint.   

Technology exists that can simplify compliance with the new Act. Solutions such as advanced pathogen detection systems, LIMS, ELN, and CAPA information systems can provide the ability to test and trace food product through all stages of manufacturing.

Lab Informatics & FSMA ComplianceKey Takeaways:

  • Recap of the major provisions of FSMA
  • Informatics systems that can support compliance with FSMA
  • A look at some state of the art technology for pathogen detection
  • The role of LIMS in Food Safety and Brand Protection