Laboratory Information Management Systems,
the Cloud, and You

With laboratory data becoming more and more digital, we need less physical space for paper strips and reports and more virtual space for ones and zeroes.  However, more virtual space means more infrastructure which is costly.  Cloud services can be an inexpensive alternative to growing your own infrastructure, but with so many options out there from large, public services like Amazon Web Services to small, private services where you build your own cloud, to hosted software solutions like Thermo Scientific’s LIMS-on-Demand, how do you know which to select, and how can you be sure your laboratory data is secure.  And once you decide on a cloud service or system, how do you make sure it’s validated?

In one hour, you will learn the basics of storing your GxP data in the cloud, the actual vs. perceived risks of hosting data on the cloud, and what you need to know to validate cloud systems.  Join us as we discuss the unique aspects of cloud services, what risks are involved, and how understanding the different delivery and deployment models can make a difference. Discover ways to select the right cloud service, and how to protect your GxP data.

march2017-1.pngKey Takeaways:

  • Learn the various types of cloud deployment and delivery models
  • Risks to be aware of when selecting cloud services
  • How to ensure your data is secure and readily available
  • What it means to validate a cloud-based system