LabWare Customization and Implementation Best Practices

When it comes to customization, it’s generally understood that catching problems early is better than catching them in production, but the LabWare software doesn’t always make it easy to detect issues early on. While Unit Testing is a common practice, it is often implemented poorly and industry best practices such as continuous integration are practically unheard of in the informatics community. Fortunately, with a little knowledge, you can learn how it’s possible to catch issues quickly, automatically, and with minimal effort, thereby minimizing implementation duration and maximizing your LIMS ROI.

In one hour, learn the various types of testing that you can use to catch bugs early and when to use each type of test. Find out why it can be difficult to implement good unit tests in LabWare and strategies you can use to overcome these hurdles. Learn how it is possible to set up a complete, continuous integration system within LabWare. When we are done you will understand the best times in your development cycle to test, the best tests to use in LabWare, and how to get the most return on your fixes and enhancements.

march2019-2Key Takeaways:

  • The Importance of Testing
  • The “REAL” ROI on Testing
  • Types of Testing
  • The Right Time to Test
  • Unit Testing in LabWare
  • How to Stub for a Database
  • How to Automate Testing

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