LabWare LIMS User Experience: 5 Quick Wins

2020 has been a tough year all around for your Lab personnel. It’s a time that will be remembered for its uncertainty and stagnation. A great way to demonstrate progress over the next few months, at least within the workplace, is to enhance the user experience of your LabWare LIMS.  With the right skills and experience, there are a number of small projects that can be rapidly implemented to give your team a better user experience and something to smile about as we close out 2020.

Join our LabWare consultants as they describe five tried and true ways to rapidly improve the user experience. In one hour, learn how HTML Panes, role specific workflows, targeted reports, selective instrument interfacing, and of course, addressing user requested enhancements and bug fixes can reinvigorate your workforce and provide real business value.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of small projects
  • Critical success factors for rapid implementation
  • What HTML Panes are and where they can add value
  • How and when to simplify the user interface
  • Why too much information can be bad
  • How to prioritize your instrument interfacing
  • The importance of keeping your users informed


Request a Recording of this Webinar

Request a Recording of the Webinar

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