Improve Lab Performance, Enhance Your LIMS

In today’s fast paced laboratories the expectations for LIMS are much greater than years past.  As labs continue to push LIMS beyond being a simple data repository the need for precise workflows and business intelligence like functionality are needed to both optimize the lab and allow your organization to make critical business decisions.

The need for this functionality may be further compounded if you have had the same LIMS without upgrading or making system enhancements for many years.  The solution may be as simple as upgrading, re-engineering, or adding 3rd Party applications to your current LIMS. 

Learn how to:

  • Identify Your Current System's
    Functionality Gaps
  • Maximize the Value & Efficiency of Your LIMS
  • Evaluate Potential Solutions

We discuss:

  • Needs Assessments
  • System Redesign and Software Upgrades
  • Systems Enhancement and 3rd Party Applications


Improve Lab Performance, Enhance Your LIMS

Request a Recording of this Webinar

Request a Recording of the Webinar

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