LIMS Myths and Legends - Busted!

So you’re looking to implement a LIMS for your laboratory but you’re starting to have some reservations.  You’ve consulted with colleagues, received conflicting feedback or have had a bad experience with a LIMS in the past.  You’ve heard some say that “All LIMS are the same” or “Interfacing all of our instruments to the LIMS will dramatically increase efficiency” or “LIMS planning takes more time than its worth”.  So what’s the truth behind these types of myths?

In one hour, learn the truth about the most common misconceptions surrounding LIMS and LIMS implementations.  Let’s set the record straight.  Join our Senior LIMS Consultant as we explore these myths and understand which are true and which are false.

Key Takeaways:

  • april_Webinar Title Image 2017-1.pngDiscover the differences between "all purpose" LIMS and "purpose built" LIMS
  • Learn the true costs of LIMS and LIMS implementations
  • Understand what is really required to be successful at implementing a LIMS
  • See how automation and instrument interfacing can improve your lab processes and efficiency