Maximizing LabVantage LIMS' Value and Minimizing Implementation Risks

Congratulations on selecting LabVantage 8 for your laboratory’s LIMS!  In CSols’s experience, successful LabVantage LIMS implementations begin with a set of critical preparatory tasks.  Organizations that complete these tasks are more successful and get more value out of their LIMS.  Items such as: optimizing high priority processes, refining existing requirements documents, and preparing static data to meet LabVantage’s specific needs before the LabVantage Business Analyst arrives onsite.

In one hour, learn how to get the most value out of your LabVantage LIMS by undertaking critical pre-implementation tasks and how expert resources improve the chances of success.  We'll also discuss LabVantage LIMS-focused process optimization and prioritization strategies.  Understand how you can prepare for LabVantage’s site visits to maximize value and minimize risk.

Webinar Image for Webpage_2016.pngKey Takeaways:

  • How to increase buy-in from future users by managing their involvement throughout the process
  • How to select processes to improve and automate with a value- and risk-based approach
  • How to prioritize process improvements that fit into LabVantage’s implementation methodology
  • The value a third party can bring to a large project with diverse stakeholder groups
  • Techniques to get the most out of your business analyst’s allotted service hours
  • Important differences in special LV offerings (e.g. LV Pharma and LV BioBanking) to consider during the process