Overcoming Critical LabWare Code Management Challenges

Most of the major Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) have a proprietary coding or scripting language to enhance functionality.  Additionally, external interfaces or reports may make use of other programming or scripting languages such as SQL, Java and command-line scripts.  Managing this code for a particular LIMS instance or between different environments such as development, testing and production can be a difficult endeavor.

In one hour, learn how to reduce the impact of LabWare’s out of the box code management on your architecture. Find solutions to common development team problems such as concurrent check-out, code baselines, coding standards and variable scope.  We will also review options both internal and external to LabWare to ensure your code is properly maintained.  Join our group of CSols LabWare experts as we discuss strategies for understanding the complexities of Code Management in LabWare LIMS.

august2018-3Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the multiple areas in LabWare where code is managed.
  • Learn how to maintain your code (LIMS Basic, SQL, etc.) over the lifecycle of the system.
  • See how you can manage your code both internally and externally to the LabWare LIMS.
  • Learn how to avoid many common problems faced by development teams while coding in LIMS Basic.