The “Paperless Lab” – A Practical Approach

The “Paperless Lab” has long been the goal of laboratory organizations seeking to fully automate and integrate their operations.  However, can you truly eliminate all the paper in the lab?  And more importantly, should you?  

In one hour, we will explore the benefits of a paperless system, how to determine how much or how little paper to eliminate, and how to prioritize what is eliminated based on ROI and risk mitigation.  Join us as we take you through a practical, risked based approach to your “Paperless Lab” strategy.

The "Paperless Lab" - A Practical ApproachKey Takeaways:

  • Hear the benefits you can achieve by moving to an optimized paperless system
  • Discover the most common challenges to reducing paper in the lab
  • Learn how to apply a Risk-Based Approach to your paperless lab strategy
  • Discover why going fully paperless is actually a Myth