Prepare for a Successful LabVantage LIMS Implementation

Once you have selected LabVantage LIMS for your organization, what is the best way to begin the project to ensure the implementation runs smoothly and your user base is fully prepared for the new system?

By internally coming to agreements on project scope, project schedule, workflow optimization and overall expectations, you will maximize the value you get from the LabVantage implementation team as well as minimize most risks, such as scope creep, that can doom implementations. Planning other activities, such as change management tasks, throughout the course of the implementation, will also ensure that you get buy-in from your user base and that the system is on schedule for go-live.

In one hour, learn the steps your internal team needs to take to ensure the implementation project meets your expectations. In the time-frame between selecting a LIMS and when LabVantage comes on site, there are activities you need to perform in order to be prepared for the implementation and this webinar will review what you should be thinking about and how you can be ready to rock and roll. Most of all, you learn how to get your internal team on board, ready, and excited for the project.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the key preparation steps to make your LabVantage LIMS successful
  • Action items to enhance end-user buy-in
  • See how to determine the overall scope and develop a reasonable implementation schedule
  • Tips for managing the scope in order to avoid cost and schedule overruns
  • Understand the value a third-party consultant can bring to help you manage your implementation