Thinking about your LabVantage LIMS Master Data

One common feature of LIMS is the need for the creation and maintenance of both master and dynamic data. 

Master data, which this webinar will address, is the information and definitions that needs to be in place in the LIMS in order for the users to utilize the features and system, as intended. Master data includes data entities like tests, specifications, products, reagents, instruments, and users. Just as important as the data itself is the need to have a plan in place for naming the individual data components, creating them, maintaining them and moving them between environments.

Thinking about your LabVantage LIMS Master DataIn this one hour webinar:

  • Understand the difference between master and dynamic data
  • Discover the importance of having a data plan (master and dynamic) in place as part of your LIMS implementation
  • Learn how to maintain LabVantage master data over the life cycle of your system
  • Understand the different entities and components of LabVantage master static data
  • Understand what options exist for data migration if you are moving from a different LIMS